Mapex Pro-M


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I finally got around to taking some snappies of my kit.

Nothing special here, it's a kit that I doubt I'll ever need to replace, sounds nice and punchy and I still like it.


Mapex Pro-M 2005 in Cherry Fade

22" Kick
13" Rack
16" FT

Evans EC2 Batters, G1 reso's on the Tom
Remo Ambassador Coated Kick, Evans EQ3 Reso
Remo Ambassador Coated Snare Batter, Evans 300 Hazy,

Mapex Black Panther Maple snare 14"x6.5" I bought this before the kit rather than out of a Mapex brand loyality. Sounds great though. Quite dry, with a loud crack of a rim shot.

Hardware is all Mapex stuff, Pearl Eliminator double pedal, chain driven (only single shown in the picture)


Sabian AAX 14" Stage Hats
Sabian AAX 20" Stage Ride
Zildjian 19" A Custom Medium Crash
Zildjian 19" A Custom Crash
Zildjian 17" ZHT EFX

Not shown:

Sabian 17" Stage Crash
Zildjian 17" K Custom Fast Crash
Sabian 6" Stage Splash.


(I forgot my DSLR, so it's camera phone time!)