Mapex Meridian Maple Cobalt Burst

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The kit is finally here! I got the afternoon off of work to get home and build and tune the drums not put together already in the box. Unfortunately I haven't actually played it yet, as the wife is out tonight and I'm looking after the kid!

The finish is really nice in the flesh, the pics do not do it justice. Forgive my lame camera, was using my phone.

The only issue with the kit is that in transit the hoops have rubbed the bass drum and given the laquer finish a bit of 'hoop' rash. LAME! I've contacted the retailer to arrange an exchange, I'm sure it'll work out. In the mean time: enjoy the pics!

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That is a GREAT looking set. I have been a Pearl guy for decades, but the Mapex new sets and MyDentity have really made me watch them. Dales Drum Shop has said that the Maypex and MyDentity is really selling very, very well.


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Very nice looking. I think I would have been afraid to open that box with all of the tape on it. That looks scary. Good luck with your exchange.

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Thanks guys!

I'm loving it so far - the toms tune up really nicely (considering the stock heads, they still sound good), the kick still packs tonnes of volume and really works the tone (20" was a good choice) and the snare... well I need to get some better heads on it!

Hardware is all solid (and not as heavy as my roadpro stuff, phew!), with a decent hi-hat stand to boot!

I'm taking it out to rehearsal tonight, so I'll give it a play in a decent room, then I'll have a really good idea of how this kit sounds (my home space is awful for acoustics). Just need to spend some time working on the kick sound, as the stock heads are more challenging than the EMAD over EMAD 2 combo i use on my rockstars.

And yes - that finish is stunning! =D

Gruntersdad - That box frightened me too! Fortunately most of what lived in there was hardware. The Snare and 12" tom were both boxed up in there too, but well packaged in their own right.


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They look great man! I love the white bass drum head better then the black that came with mine. I think it's a UK thing. The finish looks even better in person, right?