Mapex Mars hardware?


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Anyone out here have any experience with the Mapex Mars hardware, specifically the boom stands?

I had found a pretty great deal on Amazon for some of the Armory stands so I ordered two of them. Got a message from the seller today that they are actually Mars stands and they would like to know if I still want them. The price is still decent for them but I've never even seen one of these stands other than the pics on Mapexs website.

I'll be using them to hold atleast one Tom and one cymbal on each. Just not sure if they'll be up to the job.


I have the 700 series hardware that came with my Meridian's very solid. I recently bought a Mars snare stand (600 series) and it is identical to the 700 series I have. If the booms are the same I wouldn't hesitate. I had a tom and a ride mounted on my boom for awhile no problem.


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They are pretty much a step up from beginner/budget hardware. Armory and Falcon are the better lines. I think for a tom and cymbal I'd want something a little better. I know it is a jump up price wise, but I have 2 Falcon stands and they are fantastic.


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Thanks guys. I've had ok luck with Mapex hardware, but was unsure of this line. I have some older pretty heavy single braced Mapex stuff I got with my Saturn kit a long time ago and it's been great, but the older double braced stuff that came with my old Mapex Mars Pro kit from about 20 years ago was terrible.

Maybe i can convince the seller to lower the price a bit more, then I'll consider still taking them.