Mapex M-Pro vs Tama Superstar


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Hey there,
I'm looking at buying a new kit and have booked in times to look at both these kits this weekend. I was just wondering on your opinions on the two kits

Tama Superstar 6pc with z and a customs

Mapex M-Pro 5pc with zbt's

I play in an alt rock band that plays everything from pop punk covers to indie rock, with a bit of metal and classic rock thrown in for good measure.


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I have nothing against Mapex (they did provide the first monster kit to Terry Bozzio)


I play Tama because—in addition to great shells at that price point—they have great hardware design. By stepping into the Tama ecosystem, you avail yourself to the best hardware in the biz.

After that it's just practice, and learning what heads you like and how to tune them.


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Yea I was thinking the same. I was instantly drawn to the Tama and have almost committed to it. I was just wondering more than anything if people thought that sizes or maple shells on the m pro would be worth the downgrade in cymbals and hardware. Also if the mapex as the cheaper set was the better deal.


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Of the two I'd go with the Tama. I'm just not a fan of small hanging floor toms, so the Mapex is quickly out of the running in my book.

The Tama seller also has a Silverstar Rock set that I find a lot more appealing because of the bigger sizes.


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I'd pick the Tama over the Mapex for the sizes. 22, 10, 12, 13, 16 vs 22, 12, 12, 14. I'd rather have the larger 16" floor tom (and it has legs).

And if you're gonna go all in, the Tama has better cymbals, also.

+1 on the Silverstars WW pointed out.


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Hey thanks for the replies. I’ve seen that Silverstar and would love to get that but I’m already pushing my budget to get the superstar so sadly the Silverstar is out of the running. But otherwise that pretty much has confirmed my opinion that Tama was the way to go.