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Fellow drummers

I have been playing the drums for quite some yeas now and I'm looking to buy a new drum kit, second-hand. I found a Mapex M Birch Kit which seems like a nice kit but I have no experience with it at all. Is this a decent drum kit and would you recommend buying it?

Thanks in advance!


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Is it a new kit or used kit? What is the price? Have you played it and do you like the sound? All of that would help us help you with your questions.


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You might want to dig around here a little for more info:

I think they're an OK kit. They haven't been made for a while.
You didn't give a lot of info - like do you have drums now, have you had them before, what are you planning to use them for, do you have size or finish preferences, how much is the kit going for, what kind of budget do you have and so on.


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Last year I bought an M Birch kit to replace my early 90's Pearl Exports. It was a small upgrade in terms of sound, but I scored nicer hardware and drum bags in the move....and the Mapex drums look way cooler (if cheerfully lairy is your thing.

My thread about the kit I bought is here and the obligatory deliberations thread is here

I don't regret the move at all, but I also know that sooner or later I will be moving on to something better.

With G2 clears over G1 clears the toms sound nicely alive.


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First of all, thank you for answering!

At the moment I have a Pearl Target, a basic set, but I feel like I have improved enough to upgrade and expand my set.

I am considering to buy this set because it has an 8" tom, which I really like. It's a second-hand set, the seller is asking €1500. I was looking to spend €1200 but the set comes with a lot of cymbals, double bass (2x22") and a Pearl rack.

Most of the time I play metal and rock. The problem is that it's quite a drive so I haven't been able to test the kit yet so I wanted to get some extra info about it first.


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Unless the cymbals are many and exceptional, it's not a EUR 1,500 drum kit, not even if it's pristine.

What you should be doing before you upgrade is spending a lot of time looking at Ebay/Gumtree/second hand sites to get a feel for what is out there, and decide what you want...whether it's brands you like/dislike, wood types, colours, whatever...and take it from there.


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I agree. I'd feel bad if you paid 1500 for an M Birch. In the US, they sell for 350-450 used (shells only), and I'd compare their tier with the Pearl Vision series.


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I don't think he is asking too much for the set. I found the new price for everything and he is asking a bit under half the price. For the M Birch kit I found a price for €670 (new). So he is asking half of that (€335), not considering the double basses in the price.

Do you think this is a decent kit for playing rock / metal or do you not consider it worth upgrading to?


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The M birch would be a decent upgrade from the Pearl Roadshow, but its difficult to comment if it is actually worth the price without knowing what is included.

It may come with a rack and cymbals but do you actually want them? Would the seller be willing to sell the drums - and rack system, if you want it, separately from the cymbals? Or sell you individual cymbals if you like them? Do you actually want two bass drums - they are pretty to look at but a complete PITA to transport and they take up a lot of space. Double pedals are popular for a good reason.

For comparison there is a pristine looking M Birch 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 22 with 14 snare, full set of hardware, set of bags, and (cheap) B8 cymbals - hats, 2 crashes and ride for £550 (open to offers) on eBay UK.

Exactly what cymbals and rack system are included in the deal - do you have any pics?
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At the moment I have a Pearl Target. I will enlist everything that comes with the drum kit:

mapex m birch shell set
2x 22" bassdrums remo weatherking powerbass drumheads
2 x 14" snare drum 1 mapex (oriniganl) + 1 extra snare remo weatherking coated drumheads
8" + 12" + 13" + 16" toms with evans genera g2 coated drumhead

2 x tama iron cobra pedals with covers (5 months old)
1 x mapex double pedal
1 x mapex pedal
2 x snare stand 1 mapex & 1 sonor
1 x mapex hihat stand
9 x cymbaal boom stand with clips voor rack
2 x pearl rack dr503 c
1 x pearl stoel with memory foam

1 x zildjan ZHT rock hihat 14"
1 x meinl HCS hihat 14"
1 x meinl classic 18" china
1 x paist FST5 16" china
1 x paiste ALPHA 16" medium crash
1 x paiste ALPHA 17" rock crash
1 x meinl HCS 16 " crash
1 x paiste 201 10" splash
1 x meinl classic 10" splash
1 x meinl HCS 20" ride

12 x Vic Firth 5b american classics
stagg stick bag
gewa cymbal bag

I wasn't necessarily looking for a Rack to attach everything on but it is very handy for the cymbals. I do want to expand my cymbal collection. I only have HiHat, Crash and Ride at the moment. The cymbal arms,... are also included which pretty much means I don't have to spend anything extra.
What do you think of the all the extras?


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Personally I wouldn't buy. sadly it seems a case of quantity before quality. Although there are 10 cymbals included in the deal the 3 HCS are starter level brass and most of the others are budget B8 - you would probably want to upgrade most of them.

I don't think the seller is being realistic - it simply isn't worth 1,500 euros.

I would recommend you keep looking, with a budget of 1,200 euros you should be able to get a good drum set and PRO level cymbals (bought individually) if you buy used.


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It is difficult to accurately value how much the drums are worth due to this being a relatively rare twin bass drum set. On eBay UK a complete 6 piece M Birch kit with hardware seem to sell for £3 - £400 depending on condition (approximately 330 - 440 euros) shell packs probably about £100 less.

If the guy is willing to sell you the shell pack only its probably worth around 500,


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Hey, I'm sorry to open this old question up again. But how much would you say only the bass drum from this set is worth? I found one on ebay here in the Czech Rep. for EUR 120.