Mapex Falcon Pedal Cam Cracked!

I purchased a Mapex Falcon bass pedal a few months back. I got to practice a few times with it before a show. I got to the show, set up, and was checking the lock screws on the pedal to make sure they were snug. I went to tighten the one that adjusts the throw angle and it ended up cracking.

I've contacted Mapex about this, to at least see if I could purchase another cam; and of course they don't sell just the cam.

So my question is to you folks:

Do you know of another cam that I could replace this cracked one with?
Or am I out a pedal?



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Contact your local Mapex dealer and get this sorted out. The cam shouldn't be breaking on a new pedal. The sooner you contact them, the sooner it will get fixed.


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Was it user error or manufacture error? Did you overtighten something that was already tight. My main pedal is an IC that I've had for at least 15 years with several gigs weekly, and the only thing I've had to do was change out a spring when it got bent in my hw case.

Hopefully they'll replace it for you.


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That Mapex pedal should be under warranty. Even if not, I'll bet if you talked to the right people they will send you a new pedal. Tell them you discussed it on They're a good company and don't want bad publicity.

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