Mapex Black Panther Phat Bob


Anyone have any experience with the Mapex Black Panther Phat Bob that would like to give an opinion on it? Can you still get a good crack out of it even though it's 7X14? I'd go play one at the music store but nobody in my area has one. Thanks for any info


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I don't have one either, but my friend does, and I tried a few different tunings on it and experimented.

The first thing you should know is that it's got rounded bearing edges, giving it a spread out and almost vintage kind of feel. It's still very deep, and sounds killer when tuned low. At medium and high, you get a bigger crack, however because of the rounded bearing edges, it's not as big as it could be (not necessarily a bad thing.)

If you're looking at big snares that still have a nice crack, you may want to go with a model that has 45 degree edges. Tama makes a load of 6 and 6.5 snares that deliver a lot of power and a lot of crack.


I will make this short and sweet .......

All Black panthers and good, and the metal snares are great!
The fat Bob will be .... well FAT, meaty , deep , and puchy!..

Over all, just try it out and if you like it buy it


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man i really think he tunes all his snares so poorly in his videos... they sound so bad