Mapex armory shell pack or fast shell pack?


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Hi everyone!

I'm about to buy a new mid-range kit, but i can't decide. Which one do you reccomend, Mapex armory shell pack or mapex armory fast shell pack?
I also thought of Tama Superstar hyperdrive or Sonor ESF stage s drive, but mainly the first two. Thanks in advance. :)


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Looks like the only difference is the extra inch of depth on the rack toms and 2 inches on the floor toms. They will sound very, very similar, but you could probably expect the Fast sizes to be a little, well, quicker to respond and more pure in fundamental, while the normal sizes will probably have a little more thickness to the sound. The Armory snare trade-in program is really excellent so I think the Armory is a better buy than the Tama or Sonor. Good luck.


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Hi Muszogo and welcome to DW. If you are deciding between the two Mapex’s I would look into the Armory shell pack. I think you will have more options for add-ons later. If Mapex still has the snare trade in program the Armory snare options are very good. All three wood snare options sound sweat, warm and lively.

I am a little bias towards Sonor but they have better quality control of the end product. Shells, hardware, etc. Between the two Sonor has the better of the hardware package with the True-Safe Tuning System that is used on all their lines even the SQ2 line. My Force kit is 10 years old and the True-Safe still works on all the drums. The base pedal is smooth and easy to play. The Hi-Hat is pro grade. The 400 Series hardware package did have some nice upgrades about three years back and it even made the package even better. I have the upgraded package when I purchased my Sonor Ascent about three years back.

I know Mapex and Sonor are owned by KHS but they still have different build specs.

Bottom line is go out and hear and play both Mapex kits. If you have a dealer that has one or both ask if you can play them and if you can tune to the way you would like them. Bring a friend to get behind and hit each drum or ask the sales person to play them so you can hear them out front of the kit. Remember to let your ears do the 51% of the deciding and your eyes 49%.

Your friend Force3005
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