Man was i disappointed.

Anon La Ply

His parents took him to America when he was young because he had the potential to compete on the pro tennis circuit. But he lost interest and got into drumming and metal instead.

Here's a theory - maybe he lost interest in drumming too, but he can't drop it like he did tennis because he has an established career? He probably doesn't care any more and clowns around to keep interested. Sound reasonable?


I'm at work so I can't go on Youtube to find the link, but isn't there a video where they're in the studio and Lars is continually messing up, not even able to hold down a bread and butter beat? You should look it up, I can't tell if it's a fake (seperate clips put together to form a Lars = bad drummer) or genuine, but the other band members look really pissed off with him.


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I would never go to see them, but that's beside the point. Two things stick in my mind:

1) Lars tryig to record his parts four bars at a time & the producer spending days stitching it all together to make a usable performance. Let's be in no doubt about it: it stinks.

2) Seeing them play on a U.K tv show. Lars slowed down so much in the first four or five bars that the bassist (who is good) had to go over to the drum set and really gesture to him to get back in time.

It's just a shame they are so influential. I have never seen Killing Joke do a lousy show like that.


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Top pro or pub gig amateur, there is no excuse for a sloppy performance. These guys are top pro musicians with all the time they need to practice and rehearse.

People travel long distances and pay big money for tickets to see Icon bands perform. The band owes it to there fans to be the best they can be at every gig.

I have seen Jethro Tull many times over the years and they have a much longer history than Metallica. Love or loath them Tull are always spot on with both the musicianship and performance, regardless of of how much Mr Anderson changes the arrangements. They are up for every performance, It is there day job after all.


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I saw them recently and they performed quite well
but kirk was messing up a lot
so well
lately they are not playing as good as they used to play.


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I guess all the years of too much drinking is now starting to show it's side effects...
I kid.