Mallets and Sticks--Light Jazz Style

double bass man

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Lots of mallets and sticks out there to choose from.

a) Mallets--What is the best material to get for the tip of the mallet that's long lasting for snare drum and cymbals? Do mallets come in different woods and weights--like sticks? Any recommended make of mallet?
b) Sticks---So far I have only used 7A sticks--tear drop tip. Do you prefer a round tip? Any difference in sound? Do you prefer a 5A stick for jazz?

Many thanks.


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Four main types of mallets:
Timpani style mallets with felt heads either have wooden shafts or bamboo shafts.
Keyboard mallets with wound yarn heads either have flexible rattan (cane) shafts or rigid birch shafts.
Either can be used for cymbal rolls, etc. The timpani style are better for playing toms and snare.