Making the ultimate ergonomic drum set


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Okay, so now i have seen two reviews on two drum changing products, the Remote Speedy hi hat and the Off Set Double (or single) bass pedal. I just thought it would be interesting to see both installed on the same set and how amazingly easy the drums would be to play.

If someone had the money to do this, could both types of pedals work on one drum set? Has anyone here done that yet?

I just think that would be cool...


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Certainly, the Off-Set pedal and Speedy hat could exist/work in the same kit, but like anything, placement?​
Trying to get the hi-hat into the 12 position ... no, that's probably not gonna happen. The lower gear of the Speedy is gonna tangle with the center pedal (whether you go Off-Set, Sleishman, or Sonor).​
This video by DogBoots77, shows Off-Sets, working with a Yamaha cable operated hi-hat. Around 1:42, is a good close-up of the Off-Set beaters actually flanking the cable. Not much room for error.​
This is why I chose a Yamaha cable-operated hi hat for my rig, rather than go with a Speedy, or the DW shaft drive hat system.​