Making the best out of a near disaster

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Thursday I was asked to sub a gig on drums. Its an instrumental band I play with a lot, kind of a quiet coffee house thing ( I may be asked to join soon, the drummer is being un-reliable). anyway, the drummer bailed on the gig and I only had about an hours notice. I use just a converted floor tom for a bass, a snare, a ride and a hi-hat for the gig and thought I had everything with me. I was leaving the bass out fort this gig, the space to set up is very small and it would be ok without it. When I got to the gig and was unloading my car, I realized I forgot my stand bag. I had nothing, not even a snare stand! I really wanted to cry, I just rushed around getting a sitter for the kids, and getting to the venue and totally screwed up by missing my stands. I didn't even want to go in. soooo, I put the snare on two short stools so the reso wasn't choked and put on one of those foot tamborenes the guitar player had and somehow, it worked out. I used brushes the whole time to swish the snare for a fuller sound and it was one of the more satisfying gigs ever. 3 hours, 100 bucks, one beer and no sweating. all gigs should come of so easily!!

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Good going !

Why do you call yourself "no talent" ?

Thanks, I was really upset when I discovered my screw up but went inside anyway. I thought they would say just forget it and play without a drummer but their positive attitude gave me drive to figure something out. the hour round trip home wasn't an option. My name makes perfect sense to all who have the displeasure of being in the same room with me and a drum kit...hahah

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Excellent!!! :)
You might find the scrappy setup using stools & stuff offers an attractive aesthetic of no expectation too! That has to be a good thing - right? :)
HA !

I did not think about the low expectation part of the situation.

Maybe I'd better not buy an expensive pro drum kit........ LOL



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Good thinking!! Adopt, adapt and improve - is that the saying?

I've never been in that situation, but I have forgotten cymbals already - luckily it was a multi-band gig and a generous soul helped me out... One time a few years ago, I forgot to bring my throne (I was switching some stuff around and it got left behind)... the bar had tall bar stools so I couldn't even grab a chair or anything - I ended up using my floor tom case (an old fiber Humes & Berg).

It was a little bit taller than I like and a LOT harder and way more uncomfortable... three hours on that thing and I made a mental note to triple-check all my equipment (especially the throne) from then on!!

Glad the gig went off so well for you considering!!


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Showing up to a gig without a snare stand is one of those reoccurring nightmares I showing up to school naked.

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I happened to snap a few pics during the gig, sorry they are dark. You can sort of see the 2 green stools the snare is resting on. while playing, I leaned it on me knees to keep it close to me. The gig I played Saturday, I must have checked a hundred times to make sure I had everything. I was fortunate that the two stools there, the only two, were knee high and not bar height.
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I'm shocked I have never really left anything at home I couldn't get. The one time I left my throne, my guitarist brother hadn't left yet with his full rig in his car and brought it for me after I called.
I always always always pull all my gear together and leave it in certain spot the day before or the morning of a gig. I have a practice set so I have nothing to take down and pack up. All my gigging stuff is ready to go by itself. Everything I'll need get put right there in my living room and looked over. Then I give my self more than enough time to load it all in my truck and double check after it's all loaded up. I put it all in the same way so I'll know if something is missing. never just grab it all and rush out the door. Take the time to assemble it all ready to go so everything there gets loaded all at once. I refuse to let myself be unprepared. It seem unprofessional but it a happens to everyone at least once.