Making a Monster!

Living Dead Drummer

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Thanks everyone! This was an amazing project to put together. It started out as just a "wouldn't it be cool if." kind of thing. It was Yamaha that loved the idea and kind of took the ball and ran with it. Paiste jumped in, providing cymbals for them to color match with the red paint we used as blood.


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Man that's awesome but if it isn't your real blood I'm gonna be really disappointed LOL. Oh just noticed "red paint". Charlatan -LOL. I know you can beat the drums till your hands bleed-like on Whipass-I mean Whiplash. Redemption. Just kidding-looks cool man. I always enjoy your posts.
Man my first postdoc was with a hematologist/oncologist-if we needed blood for experiments he was always stabbing himself sucking out massive amounts. It's no wonder he was always pale. He was a human leech-he would have gladly provided you fresh blood LOL.