*Make Offer!!!*


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Do you guys have any idea how many Elmos had to die to make that drumset wrap? This is sickening!


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"The fur itself is good quality, not the cheap stuff." Yeah.. cause that was my main worry looking at those :)


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Play that kit? I'd be too preoccupied stroking it between songs. Plus you could take a nap on it if you get sleepy.

"can be combed to lay flat, or tussled for a more wild look"

Love that.


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Reminds me of fur hat a pimp in Amsterdam use to wear-his name was Skotu or something like that as I recollect. Apparently he moved on to pimpin' drum kits. My question is "Does it shed?".


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Maybe it's something about NoCal and fur ,but a few years ago I saw a CL listing for a tiger fur Austin Fibes kit that somebody had done.

I mean crapping an an Export is one thing ,but an Austin Fibes?