What do you think about Avantone CLA-10 and cl-10a, Neumann KH 120A g, Focal Shape 65, Focal Alpha Twin Evo, Adams A8X, A7X, A7V, A8H, A44H, krk Rokit 10.3 g4, v8 s4, dynaudio pro LYD 7, LYD 8,genelec 8030cw, Yamaha HS8, eveaudio SC208?
I built out a home recording setup earlier this year (thread is probably easy to find still) it may have some good reading and rec's to think about in there.

Monitors, I went with Yamaha HS5s and they sound great. For their price range they compare favorably to some slightly more spendy units.

Supergobi has provided some really solid advice.

I don't have any regrets on my choices so far. The one thing I have added recently was a decent room mic to supplement the close mics and overheads.

I have gotten a number of compliments on how things sound through my setup.