Magma - Christian Vander - GREAT drummer


Hey Guys!

Just wanted to mention one of my favorite bands and drummers of all time! Christian Vander, the leader of the french band Magma! They have been around since the 70´s and if you like progressive, experimental , jazz - music with a nose for great conceptual compositions!
Here´s a video of the band! Since Christian Vander also is an amazing singer he sings for the whole video, and the one of the singers of the bands plays drums ( REALLY GOOD ) !

What i love about the band is.. welll, how they can take a little theme, and play it for a long time periode, so it gets really repititave, but not i a boring way, but more in a hypnotizing and dreaming way!
Take som time to listen and digest, and study the music, for me it took some years to " get it ", my father has pushed the band on me since i got interested in music, and suddenly it all clicked! AMAZING FEELING

And since this is a drummer - forum i would really recommend, especially jazz - interested drummers to check out Christian Vanders drumming! :)

Greetings. have a nice weekend!


Absolutely incredible drummer/band leader!

I saw Magma 3 times last month, and after the third show I bought a drum kit.

The Sloth

It makes me feel warm and fuzzy that a band like Magma exists. Hearing or reading their name alone turns up the mind theater lights.