MAD's Cartoons Stats: Anika Nilles wins :)

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Hi DrummerWorld friends

After literally 4 years of uploading my cartoons on this forum, I thought it would be interesting to see which of my cartoons you guys liked the most, so I ran a little stats based on how many times a cartoon has been downloaded by the members, so here are my 10 most popular cartoons.

Anika Nilles wins hands down, so I guess I'm not the only admirer here on DW of this amazing drummer :)

#1 Alter Ego (10'520 downloads):

#2 Open Handed (2'908 downloads):

#3 Drummer's Brain (2'549 downloads):

Now out of the winners podium...

4 Mighty Pollyanna (2'152 downloads):

5 Monkey Rich (2'034 downloads):

6 DMC (2'003 downloads):

7 Purdie Starr (1'855 downloads)

8 Kate Beckinsale (1'715 downloads):

9 Crazy (1'422 downloads):

10 Ice-cream kit (1'113 downloads):

Looks like I'm doing something right judging by the stats, so I guess I'll carry on, lol... thanks for watching.

The podium... :)



"Uncle Larry"
Henri, your cartoons are legendary. I'm partial to the guy praying to Anon. Her depiction of herself always slays me.


"Uncle Larry"
Henri is the most visual poster here. He is forever making up funny visual montages even as posts. They all have some kind of humor too.

Mad About Drums

Pollyanna's Agent
Henri, your cartoons are legendary.
Totally, totally, totally absolutely.
Thanks guys :)

While I was pleased to see the astonishing numbers of downloads for the top 10 cartoons, they're by far not my personal favourite with the exception of "Mighty Pollyanna" and perhaps "Kate Beckinsale", there's many which are superior cartoons from my artistic point of view, there's the saga between Anon La Ply and Dr_Watso or the Star Wars trilogy for example, which for me are much better creations, but there you go, the stats don't lie :)