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Mad About Drums

Pollyanna's Agent
It's here...

A new featured film: Drummerworld’s Wonderland :)

The characters: (from the top down and left to right)

Andy (keep it simple) as the Caterpillar, the Cheshire Cat, Elle (Mount Saint Elle’ns) as Alice, the White Rabbit, Henri (Mad About Drums) as the Mad Hatter, John (Gruntersdad) as Tweedledee, Madge (Magenta) as the White Queen, John (Gruntersdad) as Tweedledum and Mary (MaryO) as the Queen of Hearts.

The roses: (from the top down and left to right)

Matt (Matt Bo Eder), Stroman (IDDrummer), Kevin (Frosticles) and Bernhard (Bernhard).

“We’re All Mad Here” – The Cheshire Cat



"Uncle Larry"
That's insane! Classic in every respect Henri. Everybody is hilarious! Andy as a caterpillar. That's some brain you got there!


Platinum Member
Henri this is just insane!!!!! One of the best yet-broad in scope. Great job my friend. Thanks for sharing your talent with us. Keep it coming. Hey the Mad Hatter is fitting as the other choices. LOL
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