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As many of you probably noticed, I have this bad habit of uploading my annoying little creations on the forum, there's been quite a few to date, and I thought I would put some together in this thread and update it from time to time :)

Here's the first poster, lol.




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Henri, wonderful work!!

I think there's a connection between musically creative people also finding expression in other artforms. You , Grea, and host of others on this forum, others that I know... interesting.

I also know quite a few drummers who can draw/ paint/ toon/ do graphics......................and they can all JUGGLE!!

Is that just a wierd coincidence or what?



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Henri - what great work! I wish I could have a visual artistic side like yourself but I'm afraid my 4.5 year old daughter succeeds at this talent much more than me.


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What program do you use for this? I had Broderund Printmaster and a couple of other photo editing prgrams I used to make gig posters, but when I got a newer computer with Windows 7 on it the programs would no longer work (I know i had gotten them in '99 or 2000 so they were pretty old).


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Henri, these are superb, & witty too :) There's cartoons here I haven't seen before! I did notice you "nicked" my wall-bush photo clip (gotta love that!) There's a few of my ugly mug too, & one with a speech bubble I can't make out. Any chance of a bigger version of that one please :)

As a general observation, Abe is correct. Talents often come in packages, although i can't juggle, so I'm not sure what that says about my drumming :( Just as with Grea, you bring an extra dimension to your posts, & extra joy to all here lucky enough to view them.

Please don't change one bit!

Anon La Ply

Sacre bleu, Henri, bon ami, you are soo very Frrreeench ... zee ladies in various states of dress (and lack) abound in your artwork :)

Favourites are: Grab Life by the Ball, which is a riot, and the cockroach behind the kit rocks!

True Abe, drummers often multitask ... there are a fair few graphic designers here, Al Parrot comes to mind. Jon (and others) are web designers. Stan (not seen for ages) is an abstract artist. Seems that there are a lot of engineers too ... no doubt a math angle there.

But I can't juggle, only that two-ball pretend-juggle which people who juggle always say doesn't count.

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Thanks Drummerfriends, I'm glad you're enjoying my little world, I certainly take a lot of pleasure creating those cartoons inspired by the members on a daily basis on the forum, as for the CD covers, I've been doing them for years, this is just a tiny sample of my creations :)

Abe, I don't know about Grea, but like Andy, I can't juggle either :)

David, I swap a lot of my "talent" with you to play jazz the way you do, my stuff's easy in comparison :)

Mary, thanks, it's nice to have "fans" :)

Masheanhed, I still run my PC on Window XP, most of my creation is done on excel 2003, it's very DYI stuff, it involve an awful lot of copy & paste with a software called "Photo Filtre", I use it to transform my excel file into images, Photo Filtre is also a powerful tool to edit images and create effects, I also use another software called Fotosketcher, it transform photos into painting, drawing and so on, you can adjust all the parameters you want once you're familiar with the product. So most of my work goes through these, sometimes much more than once, the work being saved at each stages until I'm happy with the result, as I said, very DYI, I bet Grea has much more sophisticated software than I have, lol.

Andy, the wall-bush that I nicked went into your thread minutes after you uploaded it :) As for the speech bubble next to your friendly mug on the Guru cartoon, the real size version can be seen on Grea's Drumming Cartoons thread, but I'll upload it here for you my friend :) Don't worry, I'm not planning to change a bit, haha, I'll keep annoying everybody with my sense of humor, lol.

Edit: Grea has replied... OMGOMGOMG... the boss is there... quick, back to work :) :) :)

Haha... seriously Grea, I'm not French (how dare you call me French!!!), I'm Swiss, but more importantly I'm a maaan... so this explaining that, that why you're finding zee ladies in various states in my work, also I discovered that many male members like KP quite a lot too :) Glad you managed to find some favorites among the girls, lol. Have you seen the one I did today :)


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I don't mind the ladies in various states of undress but an obsession with Ms. Perry does seem apparent. A little variety is always nice....

Juggling and engineering eh? I'm in trouble as I am proficient at neither. I have few talents but I do sing mighty well in the shower...does that count?

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I don't mind the ladies in various states of undress but an obsession with Ms. Perry does seem apparent. A little variety is always nice....
That's a deal Mary, no more Ms Perry (I don't like her that much TBH), it went all down hill since the Guru advert and had become kinda trademark on the forum, but variety it is for the future :)

I have few talents but I do sing mighty well in the shower...does that count?
It certainly count Mary, I can't sing to save my life :(


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Hey, those are great choice ;-)
May I suggest adding Caroline Munro and Rachel Hurd-Wood... hehe.

MAD, thumbs up for your artwork!!