MADgeFest 2017 - ballpark dates?


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I know we're never going to be able to find a date to suit everybody, but can we start trying? I was thinking perhaps July, and wondering if a Saturday was the best day or whether a Friday might be better. Just kicking ideas around at the moment. In terms of dates, it probably needs to be before the UK Drum Show (23-24 September), and although we can work round the weather if we have to, it will make life a lot easier and more pleasant if people are able to pitch tents in the garden again.

I'll do a doodle poll later when we have a couple of possible dates; in the meantime, what are people's thoughts as their diaries currently stand?

Ideas for making THE event of 2017 even better than it was last year will be very welcome, but not just yet as I can only deal with one thing at a time!


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Heck no Tympanic edges of course and the tap is high grade Aluminium. Geez. This event is like a perennial garden-it flowers every Spring. I like that. Drunk bees are a natural occurrence in nature-so buzz along.


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Currently I'm free pretty much all of July and August (can't do August bank holiday weekend though) which could change at any time, but I'll work around everyone else- currently.


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To clarify - I think my school breaks up on the 20th of July, although I might be in Belgium for a couple of days after that. We go back on the 4th of September. Any time in there is good!


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I've got a Hen do (yes, I know)..........
Of the two instances of this most sacred breach of ancient gender protocol that I'm personally aware of.........One where a dude attended a hen's night and another where a young lady attended a buck's party (and wasn't required to remove any clothing)............Both ended in eventual divorce.

Just sayin'

I've pinpointed the beginning of ensuing trouble to those two precise moments in time.

A bit far Madge. I'm balking at the Uber fare home I'm afraid. But I'm gearing up for MADgefest '18. Polishing my steppin' out shoes as we speak.


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Yay! Great big Yay!

Ok then, we're already down to 2 dates, 27 May and 10 June. That's progress.
Ah b*gger

27th May I have family commitments and 10th June I have a gig in London that eve.

EDIT: one of the band members has just confirmed the 10th of June gig in the band calendar was actually a gig in February ( idea either how that can happen or even makes sense) so the 10th of June for me is ok now.
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