made my own website


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Not bad for a first site. It's better to have something on line than nothing these days. If you can get access to some image editing software like photoshop or fireworks, you could bring down the file size of the images, which would make it load quicker.


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thanks guys
i never really knew how hard it was to jam out songs. i've always had a member that had an entire song written or at least an idea...any of these were just made up as we went along. hopefully when next semester rolls around we'll tighten things up


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With images, it's always best to size the image to the display size, rather than specify (with width= and height= ) the size in the code. Your first image for example is extremely large and over 1mb. I resized that image and it came in at 15k, which is roughly 1/70th the size! Multiply that by the 4 images on the splash (opening) page, and you can imagine how much faster the page will load!

Yes, I know it comes up fast on your computer, but you're getting it right off the hard drive or a local server, and not through a typical internet connection like everyone else.

That brings us to rule #1 about web design: most other people will see your site differently than you do, because their screens and resolution, browser size, and available fonts will probably vary from yours. Find a moderate denomitor, such as keep your site's width to work in a browser maximized on a screen that's 1024px wide. Exceeding that means visitors may have scroll to the right in addition to probably having to scroll down (which is common and not completely avoidable.) Keep your fonts common to PC and Mac; it may seem boring, but stick with Arial, Helvetica, Tahoma and Verdana, so that you can better control what the other person sees.

Not bad though, it's a much better effort than my first site!