Mac's A2E Project


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A very spectacular looking solution. Nice job!


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Sonzab*tch, my hi-hat is shorting out again after 6 short months. Need to look closer at the wire I used and the sealant I used.

Gahhhhhhh... I just wanna play, dammit.


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OK, I definitely let this thread fall through the cracks. I've since fixed the problems and documented here on the V-drum site.

Now for complete tangent... I want to downsize the foot print and weight and awkwardness.
Reason: The kit has remained in my basement with no tear down or build up. I want to get the kit to an easier tear down and build up for transporting to rehearsals, gigs, etc.

I currently have a GSC-450C with some extra clamps.

Plan A is getting rid of the rack and looking at stealth racks. But I am totally surprised at the costs.
Plan B... stands. Not really a better option in my opinion.
Plan C... modify my rack. Cut some tubes. Buy extra hardware to makeup the needs for cymbals, electronic stand.
Plan D... buy a secondary very small kit.


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The Stealth kits I'm looking at, are (Gibraltar)...

GSVMS ($180 - $250) and GSSMS ($150-$180)... geez.

and not real keen on the docking station, it might turn out to be a contender?

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There are other options such as :


or even better:

the last two are used by lots of metal drummers that need to have extremely responsive and reliable triggers...
I personally either will make my own version of the footblaster or buy it..