Lynyrd Bad Company


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Thanks Mr.Mayor.I always liked Simon Kirks stuff with Free and Bad Company,and Paul Rogers is still one of the best voices and front men in rock.Mick Ralphs is also one of my favorite guitar players.

Steve B


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I really like Bad Company, and I have DVD from a few years ago, which is very good. They are not coming anywhere near to me, but I hope everyone who goes to see them will enjoy it. Peace and goodwill.


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Yes Rodgers has one of the most recognizable voices in rock. Bad Company is/was just simple straightforward music. Easy to drum to as well ... In the same vein as AC/DC in some ways.

Saw Skynyrd couple years ago. Sadly only Rossington is an original member. Johnny as lead singer is so-so, as was the band. No surprises. I almost predicted their entire set list.