Lumber and stick prices.


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I’ve seen the news about the skyrocketing price of lumber. Prices have risen 130%. If stick makers pass on this price increase, a pair of sticks will be around $23. I realize the price of the wood is not the whole price of a stick. It will still raise stick prices. This price increase might be temporary, as demand falls post pandemic. The question is, will stick manufactures keep their prices stable and absorb the losses until prices come down? Will they temporally raise prices, and then lower them when lumber prices come back down? Or will they raise prices and leave them there permanently?
I've played almost nothing but 5A and 5B my entire life—well, since I started playing drums—with the very occasional use of 7A for quiet stuff or 2B for the practice pad. But for some reason, this post has me wanting to rush out and try a bunch of new sticks to see if there's something out there that works better for me.

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The future of stick pricing is hard to extrapolate. Factors beyond the traceable dimensions of supply and demand inform manufacturers' financial decisions. Unfortunately, once prices increase, seeing significant deductions is rare, save in the fuel sector, where undulating numbers have always prevailed. Sticks could very well experience a permanent price augmentation beyond that of moderate inflation. Only time will tell.

I use only AHEAD sticks, so I feel somewhat insulated from lumber woes. I suppose AHEAD could say, "Hey, everyone else is jacking up prices; let's join the frenzy." But my sticks last a very long time, and I buy only a few pairs a year. I'm not terribly concerned about experiencing bankruptcy over stick purchases.


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I had to pay $60 for a piece of plywood last month I would have paid $25 for last year. I seriously hope this nonsense doesnt start effecting stick cost. I'll just move to AHEAD if it does.
Lumber up 130% ? Its even more in a lot of places . This time last year here ( NY) a 2x4x8 was about $3.58 . Now appx 9 bucks 😳. It’s pure insanity and this BS has to end . You never even see a question by the lamestream media why this is so , or any investigating reporting on this 🤷🏻‍♂️. Lumber is way up , same for gas , food ,and many other things. I think it may have to eventually come to increased stick prices. And as someone else alluded to ,... except for gas , once they go up they’re there to stay like most other consumer products . Glad I got my kit last year , can’t wait to see new ( and used) kit prices soon. I’d elaborate more on this but it would violate the no politics rule .
Unbelievably. I do lots of home renovations. We got into this house 5.5 years ago. I used to be able to get $3 2x4s. Now their like $1 a foot for the crappy ones.

I live in the woods. Maybe I should invest in a sawmill.

Saw mill would be cool and I could see myself with one if I lived in the country woods .
Was going to re-do our smallish kitchen by adding a dormer but my estimated cost of lumber squashed that idea ( from around 3500 hundred to over 10 grand . So we’ll just re-do the kitchen we have and move out of New York entirely in 5-7years when my youngest of three is out of college and the wife retires. Taxes , other costs and corruption and the waste of taxpayer money here are just insane , not to mention the political, ideological and and insane atmosphere of this state .
Im OUT !

Edit: Oh and let’s not forget the skyrocketing crime rate 😳🙄!!!

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You never even see a question by the lamestream media why this is so , or any investigating reporting on this 🤷🏻‍♂️.
CNBC, CNN, Forbes, WSJ, etc. have all covered the lumber prices story. There are lots of supply chain issues that started with covid, and also market forces at work.

I doubt drum sticks are affected much by the lumber market in general... few houses are built with hickory or maple these days.


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im paying £9.99 per pair of sticks here in the UK, which translates into about $14USD, but ive paid as low as £8/$11.30 a pair depending on which brand i go with. we already have some slightly higher stick prices here in the UK thanks to having to import them all and from the brexit fallout (as my current sticks come from the czech republic)
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