Lugwig LM402 Lug and damper question


hey ladies and gents,

just a couple of quick queries i have about the afore mentioned Ludwig Supra..

i currently am the proud owner of a wonderful 1975 14x5 Supraphonic and im looking very shortly to buy a 14x6.5 - but a new not vintage model.

ive noticed the new lines no longer have the internal muffler. its not an issue for me per se as i dont dampen my 14x5 however im just curious as to why they are not specced on the new lines?- i suspect its been the case for some time, i just hadnt noticed. im guessing it was a feature that frequently broke/rattled and or was removed by players aftermarket thus became no longer standard on the re issues. right or wrong?

Also i have noticed the centenery snares from 2009 coming with a rubber 'gasket' under the Imperial lugs between them and the shell itself? information seems to be a bit light on the point to this. given the volume of Supra's out there without it is it a significant improvement in any way?

lookforward to hearing if any answers are out there.



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Seems to me that nobody was using internal mufflers anymore so drum companies just stopped putting them in there. They leave unsightly holes behind when they're removed.

Your second point: As I understand it, the gaskets are to reduce the lug splay that can be seen on those drums without the gaskets. I just don't get why Ludwig couldn't simply modify the lugs so that the tension rods weren't pulling down and in toward the shell. By adding a gasket, they're adding a source of shell dampening. Sure, it may be small or even negligible, but it still seems like a band-aid fix to me.


thank you Mike M.
i hadnt considered the lug splay issue. ironically enough, from an aesthetic point of view the slight splaying of the tension rods up from the bead out to the rim is something i admired about that sized ('regular' 14 x 6.5) Supra. im not sure why, it just has a nice geometric appeal to my eyes.

Sonically, im sure it is a negligable difference but it doesnt look particularly nice either in my humble opinion.


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I have a '66 LM400 with an internal dampener. Even if I wanted to use it, the bloody thing was rendered useless long ago. It keeps slipping and never stays in contact with the head. No biggy, as I said, I don't use it anyway but I guess these sorts of issues added to the emergence of external dampners/moon gel et al and has put them in the obsolete category.
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