Ludwig Supraphonic Deal


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There is a local Music store that is going out of business and I thought I would check it out. I was looking at their snare selection and found a 1976 5 x14" Supraphonic for $110. It does have some pitting and a little rusty but at that price I had to get it. It sounds amazing and while it may not be pretty it is in my opinion the steal of a lifetime.


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Great deal, congrats!

One of the most versatile snares anyone can own. It's not how it looks but how it sounds after all. I have a pitted 14x5 Supra from the 1960's and it always comes to the studio with me.

Nice one!


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Thanks. You got it. It's all about the sound and this baby sounds so good. It's got that hollow sweetness that I love about Supraphonics. I'm looking forward to cleaning it up and putting some fresh heads on it.


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Money well spent. I want one but since I got a simiar smoking used deal on a '68 Acrolite, I have other snares prioritized.