Ludwig Stainless Steel

Les Ismore

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I paid $1100.00 for the set in 1985. I was wondering how much it might be worth in todays market. Any comments would be appreciated.

I don't see why you couldn't easily double your money, in the sense of the digits anyway.

Adjusted for inflation tho, which ran roughly 2.86% annually... you'd need to net $4,716 to make it happen value wise.

So are 'vintage drums' a good investment?

Mmmm, maybe you could get $5k for the set, the reissues are very expensive.

This thread is loaded w/LUDWIG SSTEEL info BTW, its all pertinent.


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Thanks for your reply and comments. I never really bought them as an investment, but I saw this thread and thought, well maybe they are worth something. I'm 65 years old now, but I keep telling myself I'm going to join a rock and roll band again someday...LOL...and if I do I have an impressive set of drums to play on...:)