Ludwig Score?

I scored a Ludwig Epic snare earlier today. I think its 14x5.5 or 14x6 It looks like its never been used at all It has Natural to black burst finish with vintage bronze hardware.
Question is did I score it for a good deal I got it for £80 which is about $130


"Uncle Larry"
It's a good deal if you like it because that's fairly inexpensive for a snare drum. Was it used? Any flaws? Did you hear it before buying? On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate it?


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Question is did I score it for a good deal I got it for £80 which is about $130
Doesn't work like that. What the Yanks pay is irrelevant. They pay the going rate according to their market, where Ludwig's are far more readily available. In Oz (and I believe the UK is the same), they're not so prevalent.

So the question is, what do they usually go for where you live? Figure that out and you'll know what kind of a deal you got. But the Sterling to Greenback conversion doesn't paint the whole picture....not by a long shot.. If I live to be 150, I'm never gonna see a Supraphonic for the equivalent of 100 US dollars here in Oz. Unless you're actually buying from the States, the same applies where you live.


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Supra for $100! send me those ads! I get your point though they are usually a fair bit higher. Acro for that? Yes but then usually not in the best shape.