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I'm sure there are more noteworthy items as well, but it looks like they redesigned the Breakbeats line yet again. This time, they went to wood hoops on the bass drum and they went to a diamond shaped tom holder bracket on the bass drum, very reminiscent of their 70's drums (and new wing screw/wing nut stylings, apparently). It also it appears they went back to the smaller, round, clamp style brackets for the rack tom and floor tom legs, just like the 1st generation kits. They added Blue Sparkle in addition to the standard Silver and Black Sparkles. Looks great. $599 now though! That's a bit steep, and there are a ton of them on the used market if you wanted to pick one up.

Also, you'll notice that in the Blue Sparkle photo, the kit is shown with the Atlas "Classic" hardware (flat base). Those had been discontinued by Ludwig. At this years Chicago Drum Show, my booth happened to be directly across from the Ludwig Booth, so I asked if they had planned on reintroducing it somewhere down the line. I was told by the Ludwig representative "Yes, at Summer NAMM". No mention of it anywhere, but supposedly that line of hardware is back with more improvements based on consumer feedback.

Finally they have new stick bags out. I like them because they are very soft...almost T-shirt like and they have very well thought out pockets that are the perfect size for a Smartphone. One is open, one has Velcro closure for wallet, keys etc. I'm not a fan of "Army Green" but I got one at the Chicago Drum Show from them because I just liked how it looked and felt. Plus, any stick bag that's not black is unique (also available in black, LOL)

I'm sure there will be some other announcements from other companies too, but I just wanted to share.




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Thanks for your post! I like the new Blue Sparkle Breakbeats. Going to pick one up in a month or two