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I knew it was COB, but a "Super"? Cool. Thanks for the info and advice!
Hey dbf,

I think you've got yourself a COB "Super" there. Pre-serial badge, and crimped snare beds. These are very desirable snares. Personally, I would use a Ludwig snare-side head and a Remo Ambassador for the batter. Enjoy!
Here is my 1994 Ludwig Super Classic in Blue Marble finish. I had it set up as 12, 16,16, 22. I am using my 1969 Supra. Cymbal include 14" Zildjian A Custom and the rest are Paiste 2002's - 24, 18, 20 and vintage 15" Sound Edge hihats.

I also have a 13" tom and hanging 18" with large classic lugs not set up with this kit. I would love to find matching 10 and 14" toms.


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I just joined the Ludwig fan club as well. Here's my Liverpool 4 before a show :)

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Here's the 1961 Super Classic shells I've been posting about, all cleaned up and ready for re-assembly. I used Windex to clean the shells, #0000 stell wool soaked in PB Blaster (a rust remover) for the hardware. When everything was cleaned up and put back together, I polished everything with Meguiar's Cleaning Wax. The wraps were faded and gross - now they are gorgeous. The hardware was covered with rust and marine-air deposits (stored near the ocean for a long time). I think the difference is amazing. Scroll down a little in this thread to see the before and after of the snare drum. I used the wax on the Supraphonic shell as well - made it shine like the top of the Chrysler Building!

Here's the 22X14 bass drum.

Here's the 16X16 floor tom....

Here's the 13X9 rack tom...

Here's the 14X5 snare...


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My 197x Vistalites, with new suspension mounts, before spinning them to show badges in front :eek:

Another view. I love these drums and I hope to still have them to hand down to my son when it's time...


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Here's my 1961 Super Classic restored, re-skinned and ready to play! The snare drum is a '61 Super Ludwig. I played this kit yesterday and it sounds awesome! Big, deep bass - snare cuts like a hot knife through butter - the toms are warm and brown. Awesome score, given to me by my friend Todd! Thanks Todd!photo (1).JPG

photo (2).JPG

photo (3).JPG

photo (4).JPG

photo (5).JPG



My Ludwig Kits:

1965 Ludwig Super Classic Silver Sparkle: 24x14 - 13x9 - 16x16 - 18x16

1967 Ludwig Super Classic Blue Oyster: 20x14 - 13x9 - 16x16


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And my Ludwig snares:

14x8 Ludwig Coliseum (12lugs/side)
14x6,5 Ludwig Black Beauty
14x6,5 Ludwig LM402 Supraphonic

+ Some of my other snares:
14x3,5 Mapex Maple Deluxe Piccolo
13x6,5 Yamaha Steve Jordan Sig. w/ WoodHoops
14x7 Yamaha Elvin Jones Sig. w/ WoodHopps
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Re: My Ludwigs

1966 Ludwigs that I bought in 1967 just before I got married. Included the Ludwig Standard Paiste Cymbals:


My 1999 Ludwig Maple Classics that I bought just after I retired:


My latest find a 2002 Ludwig Maple Classic in Champagne Sparkle. Just cleaned them up and ready to set up in my family room.


Some of my Ludwig Snares to the left including my 1980's Black Beauty with supersensitive strainer:


For u eheheh one of my latest toys

ron s

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Ludwig Element Birch Sunburst gigging set
Ludwig Super Classic Deep toms- stays home now


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Went on a cymbal diet and have been testing a non-ported kick. I love my Ludwigs!

The boom stand that goes out of the pic is for overhead mics.


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Birdseye Maple Legacy, 13,16,24 with a matching 6.5x14.


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Some snares
1960 Jazz Festival
1966 School Festival
1978 Supraphonic
Millenium Birdseye Maple
Classic Maple Exotic in African Mahogany
Classic Maple Satinwood 6x12,6x13,5x14
Classic Maple Limited in Signet Indian Teak


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