Ludwig Epic Series


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Has anybody tried these drums out? I'm thinking about getting the jazzette kit in particular, but I haven't been able to find any decent reviews of them. If you don't recommend these I'm also perfectly open to suggestions for similar kits.

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jdorf12 -

I think VERY highly of kits and the Ludwig lines in general. The Epics are very well built, great sounding drums. The Birch/Maple sandwich construction really makes these drum pop and sing. I have personally played them and am very pleased with everything about them.

Plus they look so damn cool too! Here's a photo of a drum set we received yesterday in fact. It's the 8" tom.



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Ludwig is doing some awesome, innovative stuff with their import lines right now... mixing wood plies, using interesting hardware, and providing pretty good quality for a low price. The Epic's are really sexy... I love that mahogany fade finish.

I have a brand new set of the cherry/gumwood Element SE's and I'm just enjoying the heck out of them.



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yeah, there's nobody else doing anything close to the shell composition on these kits in this price range, or any price range for that matter. I'm glad to see Ludwig is really stepping it up in their mid range kits, although I thought the elite birch kits were great, too.