Ludwig Elite bracket/Vibra Band mount question


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Looking for someone who is familiar with how the hardware on current model Ludwig drums is put together.

My Vibra Band mounts and Elite brackets came unassembled and I'm trying to figure out if I used the right washers when attaching the tom mounts to the Elite brackets. The mounts and brackets each came packaged with washers and screws. One of the two, and I forget whether it was the mounts or the brackets, came with large washers. I ended up using the small ones, but now I'm wondering if I put the wrong ones on.

Anyone familiar enough with this hardware to help me out?

Here's a pic of the basic assembly I have, but the picture is from the wrong side and you can't see which washers they used to put it together.



I'm bumping this because I also have NO IDEA how to put this together. The Vibraband came packaged with a whole bunch of unassembled parts and absolutely no instructions on how it is put together. Help.....please....

edit: nevermind. I guess there's just extra pieces. I freak out when pieces don't get used.
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the washers are so the nut tightens the bracket to the rim mount. Without it the nut bottoms out on the raised part of the bracket where the screw goes in, therefor not tightening properly all the way. The washer simply has to fit around that raised part to be effective. You can tell by wiggling the bracket- if it's a little loose, then you need the larger washer, or you need to stack 2 together to clear that raised area. Now, some brackets may not have this raised area (I'm referring to the brackets I have), so if that's the case you need not worry. As long as the bracket is tight to the mount, you're good.