Ludwig Element laquer 6 piece


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Hello, everyone! I have recently become a new member of the Ludwig family, so-to-speak. I purchased an Element series kit in the green fade with black hardware the other day, used, and I pick it up tonight. Sizes are 10x8, 12x9, 13x10 rack toms, 16x16 floor tom and 22x18 bass with a 6.5x14 snare. Im pretty excited to get this thing set up and rolling. Are there any head suggestions? I was going to go with Emad 2 for bass, G2 clears for tom batters and black resonants, (mainly for looks) and either ST Dry or HD Dry for snare. Anyone have suggestions? Im going after a nice "metal" sound, as my band that I play in is a "sludge-core" band.


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Looking forward to seeing them. Might as well put up a pic of your Stage Customs too (if you haven't already).
The head choices sound fine to me, but I'm not too sure exactly what 'metal, sludge-core' is.



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Heres the pics of my Stage Custom. Since these pics have been taken, Ive rack mounted ALL of the toms, and dropped the left bass drum. I will have pics of the new Ludwig tonight when I get it home, cleaned up, and set up. And sludgecore is basically sludge metal(slow tempo, low tuning, heavy heavy stuff mixed with a little bit of hardcore). Think Type O Negative or Crowbar with a couple of Metallica or Pantera riffs thrown in.


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Get some light on your kit so we all can enjoy the color and detail. :)


Terrence R

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I'm a big fan of the green fade. Very nice. I'm not familiar with that particular series. What type of wood are the shells? What snare are u ganna pair it up with?

Congrats on the kit man.


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Thanks guys. And yea, as soon as he can hold sticks, he will be behind his big sisters beginners kit lol. I like the fade, too, and mixed with the black hardware, it to me.
Besides the sizes, which, Ive been waiting for a kit to come along in this EXACT configuration for a while now, the color is what sold me.
I havent really decided what snare im going to use yet, I need to get them into my jam room and get new heads and tune them first. Ill prolly stick with my Ol' Reliable, my '90's steel Pearl Export snare, 6.5x14 with the Genera HD Dry on it. If not, I know a nice little piccolo 12x4.5 Sonor maple snare that I can throw in hehehe.
As far as the makeup, toms are 6mm, 6ply (outer 2 birch, middle 2 poplar, inner 2 birch), while snare and bass are both 8mm 8 ply (2 birch, 4 poplar, 2 birch).

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Those should sound nice and fat. It looks like they have a nice round over bearing edges on them. Let us know how they sound.