Ludwig DVD?


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I heard that Ludwig released some sort of commemorative DVD in association with their 100th anniv. at NAMM. Anyone have any info? Thanks!


It should be available soon, along with them updating their website with all of the new stuff that was introduced at the Winter NAMM show.


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I've got a copy and it's VERY cool (I'm proud to have been included in a few clips.) There are some great interviews (including Ringo, Bun E Carlos, Rob Cook, Mike Curotto, Ed Shaughnessy, old footage of Bill Ludwig Jr and many more) and performance footage of Buddy Rich, Carl Palmer, Carmine, and more. Lots of history, photos, & facts.

I've heard it will be out "soon", whatever that means. Maybe a month, maybe this summer.



I was at NAMM and after the private screening of the DVD on, I think, Friday night, it was being shown at the Ludwig booth by Saturday....all I can say about the DVD is "WOW"....a big friggin' "WOW".....

In a sentence: If you are not a part of the Ludwig Family of artists (which I'm not by any means) this DVD made you WANT to be a part of the Ludwig Family.

I heard a lot of big time Ludwig artists were hangin' at the booth on Saturday after the screening, just to feel a part of it all.

I told one of the Ludwig guys that this DVD should be aired on the "History Channel" because it had so much wide appeal.

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Yes, it IS an awesome presentation, as I was in attendance for the screening at NAMM. The footage of great Ludwig history and interviews was truly amazing. I was also honored to be included in the DVD

It looks like it will be released, and there will be excerpts and other clips on the Ludwig website in the near future.

More on NAMM later..!