Ludwig Drums on Discovery Channel NOW!

Pat Petrillo

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Thursday, Aug 28 8:30 PM and 1 Am...Check it out! On a show called Some Assembly Required, it's on after the Bow and Arrow Story


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Which time zone? I'm watching it now, something about mammals.

Crap, the Canadian DC has different programming times!


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I am now a little confused as to what they are calling "three ply" The host was saying the drums had three plies but showed one of the plies as having three plies itself. So are they 9 ply or 8.? Anyone know what they are calling a ply. The Ludwig dude said that the materials are "bonded" together, when the host said glued, and yet they showed the plies being put into a machine that was applying glue. Enquiring minds want to Know.

Trip McNealy

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I thought it was interesting that a cute old lady was applying the custom paint jobs to the shells! :-D