Ludwig Classic Maple Kit "sale"

Rattlin' Bones

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Looks like Ludwig Classic Maple kits now come with a free matching snare. 5x14 with smaller kick kits, 6.5x14 with larger kick kits.

Anyone know if the snare is really the Classic Maple Made in USA snare that retails for $450 and up?

Rattlin' Bones

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I wonder if I bought a kit if I could sell snare for maybe $400. I don't need it, and that lowers net costs to around $1,500 for Classic Maple. Or, any retailers doing any deals selling kit for $1,500 and keeping snare?

Yes the very same. I know because I got a 520 dollar snare for free. So it's a smoking deal.


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Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the current "free snare" promotion is good only on kits ordered through Ludwig's Quick Pick program. If so, you will be limited to certain finishes and won't have all of the customization options available that you would using the Configuration Generator. Still, to be able to get a quality made-in-the-USA Ludwig kit with a matching Classic Maple snare is a great deal. The current promo I believe runs through the end of September.

Your idea buying a kit and selling off the free snare is a good strategy if you don't need another snare and want to reduce your final cost for the kit. In that case I think you'd want to pick a finish that would attract more potential buyers. I don't know of any retailers who will keep the snare and discount the kit but I've encountered one or two who were willing to switch out the snare for a different size (I wanted a 5x14 but the kit I was looking at was paired with a 6.5x14. The shop owner said he could swap the two, although I've seen some ebay listings that clearly state "no substitutions").


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I'll match my 30 year old Ludwig Classic 6.5x14 snare up against any snare available at any cost! Read the reviews in history. Lot's of tour drummers for instance okay DW, but look closely you might see the Classic maple.