Ludwig classic long lugs value ?


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Hello guys,
I'd like a little bit of advise on this.
I have an offer for a Ludwig classic maple long lugs, possibly from 1994 1995.
Deep toms : 22x16 12x11 13x12 16x16.
See through colour and modular hardware (no rims).
the kit seems in good shape and those are pretty rare in France. It's quite a beautiful set, possibly heavy and possibly a pain because of the long toms.

How much does it worth in dollars or euro.
Looking forward to your help.


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You're right




Ps : nice to see the nice Avatar back ;-)

Bo Eder

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Hard to say because different era Ludwigs mean different things to different people. The Modular era isn't so popular (I think). I look at that era as Ludwig playing catch-up with what was beginning to come out from Japan in the early 80s. It was very good hardware and a lot of it is still being used today, but it is a bit on the heavy side - almost too much of a good thing if you look at what Rogers was producing with the Memriloc system at the same time.

Some guys like the long lugs, others don't, and it might be a strike against the kit because they're power toms. So I would think your target audience would be someone looking for a retro-80s vibe. But you definitely have to find someone who thinks it's worth what you want for it - if you ask for too much (I'm thinking in that +$1200 range), potential buyers would look at what they could get new for not much more than that.

Ludwig is a classic name though. I'd keep them and play them if you can.


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I'd say $500 to $650 US. I've seen a couple of similar kits local to me in that ballpark. The tom sizes will limit the tuning range.


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Deep toms, long lugs, and that mounting system make them less favorable in my area. I'm sure those are great shells though.


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Thank you all for your answers.
It's not a kit I wanna sell ; somebody would sell it to me at what seems to be a good price, but since those kits are rare by there, I don't have any idea of the value.
I don't need a new kit, but I kind of like Ludwig too (even if standard tom, or at least a 10" would be better to me).
I Just wanted to know approx. at what price it would be considered as nice bargain :)