Ludwig Centennial Zep kit information


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Be careful of these "Box A" and/or "Box B" offerings. They tend to be only part of a kit (e.g. bass drum and rack tom).
I think I remember seeing an eBay auction from Music 123 (part of the GC family) for a Cent Box B. It was just the floor tom, legs, and one of the rims style mounts.


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Thanks for the replies! I saw that used one the other day. I thought about picking it up but I knowing the new ones seem to go on sale for around the same price somewhat frequently I’m hesitant. I definitely want the zep configuration ( I’ve wanted Bonzo sized drums since I was a kid) and I am leaning towards either the silver or red. But if I can get it at the 899 price point I might have enough left over for some new hi hats too. It’s taken me a while to save up so I wanna make sure I get this most for my money. Even if I have to wait a month or two. So I’ve been checking GC/MF daily and keeping an eye on eBay and reverb too.


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Ya - you have to check the site often, and be ready to act quickly.
When they go on sale, it usually doesn't last for long.


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On sale today at Musicians friend for $949!! I just picked up the silver sparkle kit. I’m very excited!
You’re gonna love these! Especially if they’re a lacquered finish as stated, that’s a great price.

I had the older Taiwan accent Zep kit. They were great drums, but the wrap yellowed and I had to recover them.

Enjoy, and share pics when you get them!


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Saw two full kits, one natural and one blue sparkle, at Guitar Center in Raleigh NC this past weekend.