Ludwig Breakbeats VS Sonor Safari


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So im looking at purchasing a small kit, what are your opinions on both and what one should i buy? I live in New Zealand so these are the only two be-bop kits available.


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I have the Breakbeats kit and love it. The drums sound great. The hardware leaves a bit to be desired, but it works. I feel like it's been a good value for what I spent on it.

I've not played the Safari, so I can't comment on it.


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I have the Breakbeats kit and love it. It's a lot of fun to play, very portable and sounds great, especially considering the price. I know there are lots of happy Safari owners on this forum too.

Both kits are good, it may come down to which one 'grabs you'.

For more info you will find several existing threads on this subject. Search the drums forum using the text 'breakbeats' or 'safari' and you will find lots of opinions there that may help you choose. Of course if you can get out and play them, that may also help you decide.

Have fun choosing!

Matt Bo Eder

I've owned both and put videos up on my YouTube channel (sorry, no link yet) and have reportedly sold hundreds of Safari's for Sonor since 2011 (of which I'm waiting for a check;).

I actually think the Safari's are built better. Some of the Ludwig hardware left a bit to be desired. I wasn't a fan of the bass drum spurs, and the lift used for the bass drum pedal is a weak link. Sonor did a much better job. Get that one. Besides, the Safari now comes in red sparkle. Get the red sparkle. Ludwig look a bit dull by comparison.

Other than that, the shells are about the same and both kits sound about the same when you put good heads on them.

Look for "Bo Eder Safari" on YouTube, and my channel should come up.


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Matt, thanks for your post and youtube demo video - great stuff! That Safari kit sounds awesome. I'm thinking of getting a 2nd kit for home practice/small gigs as my main kit is at the rehearsal room and getting there once a week is not enough. I'm torn between the Safari and Martini kit (not sure whether the Martini bass sound is sufficient to sound 'real'), also looked into the Ludwig Breakbeats but the Sonor kits seem to be better made.