Ludwig Black Magic 13x7 snare VS Ludwig Bronze hand hammered 14x6.5 Snare


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I'm in the market for a new snare, and i have a very specific idea of what i want.
I've done a lot of research and so far have found two decisions,
Ludwig Black Magic 13x7 snare or the Ludwig Bronze hand hammered 14x6.5 Snare

I want a snare with a nice cutting sound, but when you start rolling on them and stuff they sound really nice as well, i think these both offer that. The biggest difference i can find so far is that the Bronze has a higher pitch compare to black magic, and also black magic is a couple hundred cheaper.

My type of music is hard rock/pop punk (stuff like Pearl Jam and guns and roses), but i also like playing hip hop and enjoy adding elements of soul/blues and Jazz (Uncle lucius, the heavy), hence the rolling.

Which of these two snares would you think is more suited to what i require?
and can you recommend any other snares which might fit into this style?

Thanks to anyone who offers help.


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The BM will be higher pitched due to its size. It's also worth noting that the BM will either be a steel or brass shell and will be brighter and more "lively" by nature, than the hammered bronze which will be a much drier sounding snare.

Can't speak highly enough of the hammered bronze. It's a great snare that has a real "woody" characteristic to it. Personally, I find a 14x6.5 snare to be more versatile across a wider range of applications, but that certainly doesn't mean that you couldn't get a 13x7 to work either.

The bronze is also American Ludwig, if that makes any difference to you.....seamless shell etc, compared to the BM which uses a generic shell found in most BB knock off's like World Max, Pork Pie.


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Not really equal snares IMO. The 13x7 BM is a nice drum I owned one for a while. However the Bronze is a seamless USA made shell. Bronze is warmer than brass, with less ring (especially a hammered shell). Also the pitch of the 13 will be higher than that of a 14 inch drum. For rock I'd always opt for a 14. You can tune a 14x6.5 to a very nice crack or tune it low due to the depth. Then it comes down to money do you want a nice brass drum that's cheaper or a more expensive material seamless bronze shell?


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Both nice snares, I have the hammered bronze and it's among my fave snares.

Between the two, it sound like the Black Magic will deliver most of what you need. Some definite cut and presence there, and it will warm up a bit with lower tuning.

I'm not up on too many other snares in that range, although I remember the Joey Jordison snare (Pearl, I think?) is a nice drum for the money, something like $250-300? It's not brass though (steel) and might not possess as much resale value down the road as the Ludwig.



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My current snare is a gretsch catalina club rock 14x6.5 snare, It's clearly a big rock snare. and although i like the heavy crack sound, it doesn't have the diversity. I also don't like the wide 14", hence why i chose the black magic 13 over it's 14" counterpart.

But the snare does have an over tone ring that i dislike, if that's going to be a part of the BM snare, it's gonna concern me alot.


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But the snare does have an over tone ring that i dislike, if that's going to be a part of the BM snare, it's gonna concern me alot.
The BM's have die-cast hoops. This definitely negates some of the ring when compared to a similar drum with a triple flanged hoop. But nonetheless, brass and even more so steel, ring by nature. That is the characteristic of both shell materials. Doesn't mean it's unpleasant....and is unlikely to be too harsh due largely to the cast hoops.


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No disrespect to the snare you currently own but, the Catalina snare isn't even in the same league as the Bronze Ludwig.

Overall, I'd say the Bronze hammered will be more versatile for more styles, and the one's you play now. It can be tuned up, down, anything in between.
I've tried a TON of different heads on it, and I've been able to get a sound I have really liked out of everything I've put on the Bronze snare.
I own a smooth version (BB finish), and barring some unimaginable disaster, I'd never sell it. Not because it is a BB, but because of it's sound. I'd love a natural Bronze finish too (who wouldn't??).

It will also retain it's value over basically any other snare you can buy, similar to what a BB does. It'd retain more value than the Black Magic also.

A Black Magic is a nice snare too, and I'm not apposed to a 13" snare, but overall, I think it would be more limited to what situations it would really shine in.


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True that.Its like comparing curling to Ice hockey.The ludwig hammered bronze,is more money,but certainly worth it.Great almost woody sound with lots of cut.Very versitile,with a wide tuning range.Its a USA made Ludwig,and it's the pretty girl you would love to take to the prom.If you decided to sell it,you could probably get what you paid,or more.They seem to have appreciated in the last few years. No contest.

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I've played the 13x7 bm, not the bronze but I have a BB in that size and I'll say that above all, the sizes make them different sounding drums. I think the neat little bm will be better for hip hop and the more open sounding bronze will be better for rock. I think they're both nice drums and they'll both deliver. Maybe if it was staying in my bedroom I'd get the bronze and if it was for carting around to gigs I'd get the bm.


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Another Ludwig Bronze owner/lover here.

I have an 80's Ludwig 6.5 x 14 hammered bronze and it is just a great sounding drum.

I actually sold a somewhat pricey Yamaha BB knockoff (Paul Leim) to buy the bronze. The Leim sounded good to me and was a very beautiful drum with gold plated lugs. Gorgeous..
The used Luddie Bronze has slight green moisture oxidation stains, As soon as I got it home I knew I had made the right choice.

My .02



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Get the Bronze! I've got the Tama version and I love that drum,as do most of the recording engineers that I've worked with. Bronze delivers a great tone at all volume levels and you can always crank it up for te hip-hop gigs and then back down for thr rock. Bronze is the best metal for an all-around snare. It has the best of both worlds, metal or wood, and it'd more versatile than either maple or brass. I love them all but bronze has been the most versatile. Good luck with either choice!


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I have owned the 5x14 smooth bronze. Warm and dry tone,not as much cut as steel or brass, as mentioned above. The Pearl Sensitone brass is also a great sounding snare,for reasonable money.


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I have the 13x7 BM and love it but lately I've fallen in love with bronze snares. I want the 6.5x14 Lugwig Hammered Bronze but man those are like $600.00.

Right now I have the Pearl Sensitone bronze and the Mapex Black Panther Bronze and just loving the sound of bronze. Everyone is correct about it being the perfect combo between wood and metal.