Ludwig Black Beauty Depths...


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Hello all,

I am looking into buying this snare, and was wondering what you all thought about the depths. I was considering 5" and 6.5", and leaning more towards the latter.

What would you pick in terms of sound and versatality?




I picked the black beauty in a 14x5. I found it to have a wider tuning range since it isn't really deep. I loved the nice high tone you get out of the lesser depth drum. Where you can tune it at a medium tension and still hear a really high note behind the other sounds of the drum. And I listened to the 14x6.5 and thought it was to "woofy," like it had a sore throat or something. But that is depthy sound that some people look for in a drum. I also thought it was just as sensitive, poppy, and had a pretty wide range of tuning as the 14x5, but I wouldn't tune it high because the sound, to me, is just a weird mix of highs from the heads being tight and the drum itself being deep. But go to a local drum store and test them out. That's the only way I personally would buy a snare.