Ludwig atlas Standard hardware


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I just bought a pack of this hardware along with a few extras, to go with my new Classic Maples. I have to say I’m impressed.

I knew it looked great, but it’s very solid and reasonably light.

The big surprise was the included pedal. I figured it would be an ok backup, but I really like it. So much so that I’m selling my double DW 5000 pedal ( which I really don’t use for its double capabilities much anymore anyway) with my old kit now that I’ve decided to sell it.


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J - your new Ludwigs in WMP are stunning. I could sit for a long time just looking at them. And, I love the configuration - one up and two down is what I've preferred to use ever since I started playing drums in the 1960s. I've tried repeatedly to adapt to multiple mounted toms, but I just can't accommodate a tom where my ride cymbal "should" be.

The new hardware looks good, too.



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Thanks GDM! I love em. The 18 is from my old kit- the new one had to be made to order. I’m hoping it gets here this week or next...