Ludwig and Saluda


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So, here's my kit. It's not the most special, but it's mine. It just got a lot more awesomer because I just added a full set of Saluda cymbals to my setup. Here's the basics:

Ludwig Accent 5-piece
Ludwig 5x14 Acrolite snare drum
Saluda 20" Earthworks Ride
Saluda 14" Earthworks Hats
Saluda 14" and 16" Crashes
Saluda 8" and 10" Splashes
Saluda 18" China

There are some bells on there and a cowbell, but I can't remember the make or model or sizes. I also use a Treeworks Mark Tree, another cowbell or two, LP Stealth Jam Block, and a Pearl Tambourine, but none of those are pictured. Now, onto the good stuff:

And one more just to show off how beautiful the Saludas really are.
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