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Hi all just wondering what the rarest acrolite is ? I've been after one and someone wants to swap a geo way studio snare and 75 quid , I can't find any online worth that , aparantly its corca 1960 with original strainer ? Nealio


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The rarest Acros are the prototype pre serial number drums,which were welded,and not spun.The aluminum used was embossed, bent and welded at the seam and also used a re-inforcement plate at the seam,which was also welded.The lugs were actually pot metal classic lugs,which had a brushed chrome finish.Many people believe they were alunimum,but they were not.The triple flanged rims were however aluminum,and very fragile.The drums snare beds were crimped also.The shell size was 14x5 with a P-83/32 strainer and butt..

The second rarest is the NY City Board of Education Acro.This drum used the same shell as the Ludwig LM 402 supraphonic,14 x 6.5,but it wasn't chrome plated,and had the brushed aluminum finish of the standard acrolite.This Board of Ed drum as its known,also had 10 classic or bowtie lugs to the 8 lugs on the standard acro(LM 404).The badge was a serial numbered 60's Ludwig keystone badge.Basicly the same drum as the LM 405,but without the P-85 and black galaxy finish.

Both of these drums were custom built and not a catalog item.")

Steve B
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