ludwig accent wood type?


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so basically straight ply wood? like something youd find at home depot?
You will not find the type of ply for drums at Home Depot. Most of that ply is pine. I don't of any drums made of pine. Do not confuse the terms, plies of wood, for plywood. there is mahogany, basswood, birch, etc.
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I've got a set of Accent CS drums in Zep sizes (13" tom instead of 14") and I believe they're Mahogany / Poplar shells. Love 'em! (y)


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I agree. It's a great set! I'm 100% satisfied with my purchase. My first cast b20 cymbals arrive tomorrow. Wuhan westerns. My Ludwig Accent kit slowly progresses with me and it's quite a joy ride.


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They're made of asian poplar/basswood/luan/mahogany. Get some good heads 2 ply over 1 ply and tune them up right and they'll be perfectly usable.


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The accents of old like many have said were a combo or all birch- great sound and quality for the price.
The new accents with the holes in the toms for the mount are not the same -wood feels softer, the previous accent quality has moved on to the Evolutions.

My opinion if you are looking at new cheaper Ludwigs:

Centennial > Evolution > Accent

If you want USA made, the Neusonics can be had for $699 if you keep looking.