Ludwig Accent Custom-Mine is different from all others I have seen-Thoughts?


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I recently picked up a 5 piece Ludwig Accent custom kit (used). I did a little research on these, but mine seem to be an anomaly. I've included some pics for your reference.

First off, I have never seen a Ludwig Accent Custom (or Custom CS) with the type of lugs mine have. All the others I have seen have "stubby" versions of Ludwig's classic "Bow Tie" lugs. Mine look similar to Gretsch Catalina lugs, or even Slingerland copy lugs that MIJ companies used in the 60's. Weird. I have done a lot of Google Images searching for Ludwig Accent Custom Kits, and none that I have found have the style of lugs mine do. I didn't take any photos of the snare, but the lugs look exactly like the lugs on my Gretsch Catalina Jazz snare. Is it possible a have a very early one?

Second, the tom sizes are 8" x 10", 8" x 12" and 14" x 14", but it has a 22" bass drum. I would've expected a 20" with that tom configuration.

It has a matte lacquer finish, which has a fair amount of dings, scratches and scuffs. The toms came with "Vibra-Bands" installed (dumb name) and all the drums have the round bracket that I've seen on other Accent Customs. The shells seem well made, and the snare and toms came with 2.3mm hoops, which was a nice bonus. I got the 5 piece shell pack for $200.

Can anyone tell me the following:

1. From my research, it appears these were 100% birch shells. Is that correct?
2. Also, could someone tell me the difference between Accent Custom and Accent Custom CS? Were there any more models? I know about the regular "Accents", which were more entry level with Pearl style tom arms.
3. Does anyone know when these drums were offered in the retail market (Ex: 2004-2008)?

Thanks for your help! As you can tell from the pictures, I have not yet disassembled or cleaned them at all yet. I plan on using Murphy's Oil Soap and a damp rag to get all the dirt off.



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Very nice kit!

Wipe them gently with a dry terrycloth towel to get off the surface crud.
Then with a damp towel to clean and dissolve (use only water)
And again with a dry towel to pick up anything that remains.

If you need a solvent, begin with something like a couple drops of Dawn dish soap. Only use real cleaners for things like cat piss.


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I found your kit in an old brochure on the Ludwig website here:

You have the Ludwig Accent Custom in red wine finish. Your shells are not birch, they are a blend of Philippine mahogany and juniper.

The Accent Custom series was one notch above the regular Accents. Instead of a wrap, they had nicer looking satin finishes and better hardware (Vibra-Bands).

The Accent Custom CS Elite was the top of the Accent line and it offered 100% birch shells plus lacquer finishes.

These drums I believe began around 2001, and I'm not sure when Ludwig discontinued them.