Ludwig 6.5x14" RAW brass vs Ludwig 6.5x14" SUPER brass snare?

Drum Guy

what's the difference sonically (and otherwise) between these 2 - Ludwig 6.5x14" RAW brass vs Ludwig 6.5x14" SUPER brass snare, and why would the super brass be less expensive than RAW?


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To me the Super brass sounds 10x better.

The Raw brass has more upper-mid level tone to it (which I typically don't like) and very little low end.

The Super brass has tons of low end body AND high end crack. (Just like a Supraphonic)


Drum Guy

Thanks - super sounds brighter and cleaner less dull than the RAW which sounds dryer(?) at least in these recordings.

I prefer the Super in the above links but I can get the RAW in mint condition for $400. So am just weighing up the pros/cons.

Jeremy Bender

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I'm going to turn away from the screen, ask a family member to click on the videos without me knowing which one's they chose while listening.
Then make a choice without any visual influence...


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They both sound almost exactly like LB417's. The only differences appear to be cosmetic.

Steady Freddy

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I suspect the differences in sound are a function of tuning and recording. I doubt one drum having a polished exterior and the other having a patina finish is going to have an impact on the sound.


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Everything being equal (heads, wires, etc...) you'd be able to make either one sound like the other by tweaking the tuning.
The differences would be actual shell tone (different for EVERY shell anyway), and little things that 5 feet away are lost.
Win/Win choice IMO.
I like the smooth shell myself, but wouldn't walk away from a cool patina finish either :) ....

I have 6.5 COB, 2 BB's and a WorlMax Brass, and they all sound like a brass snare. Subtle differences, the seamed WM shell is more "contained" slightly in the upper head overtones.
That's having the snare wide open, no muffling.
If you muffle the snare with a Moongel or ring or anything, throw all the differences out the window. Then it's just the tightness or looseness of the head tension that'll make them sound different.
Also a win/win :)


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Let us know how you like the new drum! I almost bought the super brass, but with some stuff I have coming up, I decided my budget fit a 6.5 acrolite reissue better for this year. 😊

Road Bull

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I'm digging the Super Brass a good bit more in these recordings. The Raw Brass isn't bad at all, but the Super Brass seems like it has more of all the things I like in a snare over the Raw Brass. The Super is a bit more throaty to my ears and has more bottom end power baked in.