Ludwig 2020 rumors?


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I know of a couple of things for NAMM, one extremely cool finish if it happens (might be limited to a particular line,) and the other is "Oh, of course, that makes sense!" There are some other revamps in the works, not sure if they'll be shown in January though.

Hope that helps! :)


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That was funny. I've owned a couple of drums with the P85 throw off. I almost never use the throw off so I've never had any problems with it LOL. I sure see a lot of people complain about it though


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They've already improved their "new" throwoff from a couple of years ago, it's pretty great!


Their OK Boomer special edition will make the drum forums go wild :p

The nostalgia factor will never die. Hopefully it's more than a finish and instead something innovative.


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I'm pretty sure one of their plans is to not improve the P-85.
As stated already, they did improve it with the P88. Problem is, now they need to replace it altogether... start putting P88s on everything and just phase out the P85.