Ludwig 2012... Club Date is back!


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Bob - I could swear I saw a couple WMP snares available on ebay... Oh, the dreaded "6-8 week" wait that turns into much longer ..


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Here's one in WMP:

Is this a higher priced color? This listing is more money than others when I searched.
Maybe because they ran out of drums in this color or something?...[/QUOTE

That drum is from the same store in Maine that I ordered from. I am paying less because I don't need the bag. They probably don't have that drum from the eBay ad in stock because they would have offered it to me yesterday.
I don't care about the wait, I have several nice snare drums that I enjoy playing.
Ludwig is going to drop ship directly to me when the drum is available.
I have been playing the kit since last winter without the matching snare and I like it just fine.

Thanks for looking though :)

john gerrard

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Bob, thanks to you I just ordered and received a new Ludwig Element snare. I've been reading your posts. I ordered a 6.5 x 14 in ruby sparkle. I think you are going to be one happy camper when you get yours. I think I remember in one thread that you were hoping that it would have a early Slingerland vintage sound. Other that buying a vintage Slingerland snare your new Ludwig Element is going to be the ticket. I have wanted a Ludwig kit for some time but have been so reluctant because of all the shoddy Ludwig sets and workmanship I've owned and seen and read about. Now for the good news. My new snare has some of the prettiest nice round, smooth bearing edges you could imagine. The cherry wood and birch re-reings make for that nice old,vintage sound we were both looking for. The workmanship on this drum is very, very good. I don't know but there could be a new Ludwig set in my future. There is just something about the rounded bearing edges and the cherry plys, that like you just takes me back to the 60's. (yes I was there and remember some of it). Let us know how you like your drum. Best wishes. John


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Thanks John, I glad that you like your snare and I'm sure that I will like mine when it arrives.
My Club Date kit is for the most part flawless with the smooth round edges that you describe.
These modern vintage replica drums are more accurately made than Vintage drums could ever be.
The technology to make almost perfect drums that were affordable didn't exist in the 60's.