Ludwig 110th anniv mahogany drum


The white one is available to me around 5800usd which has me thinking hard. Massive investment...

Only 20 available worldwide but wondering how has the trajectory of previous limited set price been?

Are these meant for playing at all or to keep for resale value it has to be babysat?



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Buying drums just to look at them is such a foreign concept to me. Drums are meant to be played.

I wouldn't buy them as an investment to make money on them later, especially in the short term. Maybe they'll be worth more in the year 2040 or 2060, maybe they won't.

Buy them only if you have the extra money and want a fantastic heirloom kit to play the rest of your life. That's my advice anyway.


"Uncle Larry"
Drums are not an investment. Ask a financial advisor. 99.9% of sets lose value. Buy it for love, not financial gain.